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Our Mission:  Making it easy to send notecards that bring a Yay to someone's day!

Our Vision: To inspire a practice of Yay, which emboldens gratitude, purpose and connection with loved ones near and far.

How we got started and why we want to make cards that inspire gratitude:

Spoonful of Yay was birthed from two events that began on the Green at Dartmouth College in the fall of 2021. Two friends, Kristen Coats and Erin Wetherell, decided to bring some Yay to Dartmouth students after an intense year with Covid, academic pressures, loneliness and the loss of four classmates.


With the support of two generous donors, Kristen and Erin purchased hundreds of dollars worth of beautiful notecards and supplies. They sought permission from the College to set up 'shop' on the Dartmouth Green over a few beautiful fall days. The aim was to engage students, faculty and community members in writing at least one note of gratitude to someone who helped them over the past year. Everything was free, and they even included postage to anywhere in the world. Here are some of the reasons participants wrote to their loved ones:

Student: “I am thanking my sister, she is my safety net and helped me attend Dartmouth.”

Community member: “I am sending a card to my friend who is dying. I never would have

thought to do this.”

Faculty: “I am writing to my friend whose dog just died.”

Student: “I am writing to my mom and she will cry, because I never send her cards like this.”

Student: “I am writing to my grandparents, because it is the only address, other than my

parents, that I know by heart.”

The practice of expressing gratitude (what we call "Yay") is beneficial for both the sender and receiver. With so many people feeling isolated and disconnected during the pandemic, we believe sending notes of gratitude creates purpose and connection.


Spoonful of Yay is creating a line of blank notecards to inspire people to write words of gratitude and appreciation to colleagues, neighbors, friends and loved ones near and far. Please join us in this movement of gratitude by supporting our store and sharing gratitude with those you appreciate and love!  

To date, Spoonful of Yay
has assisted the Dartmouth community with sending
135 notes of gratitude to
eight countries and 35 states.
We are spreading gratitude
one notecard at a time. Yay!

If you are interested in learning more about Spoonful of Yay events,

please contact Kristen Coats at

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