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On a warm afternoon in Vermont, I drove past a cardboard sign abandoned near the highway onramp. I could only make out one word - Stranded. No matter what you think about cardboard signs, that word is something we can relate to. Maybe you are stranded due to a flat tire and no cell reception. Maybe you are stranded from a family member or a close friend, and it feels lonely to be without them. You might be suffering from addiction and your shame not only isolates you, it makes you feel stranded from the person you hope to become. Many of us are stranded in one way or another. Yet people who lack essential resources, such as: housing; a livable wage; transportation; and food, feel stranded 24-7-365. Every day!


Each year I create a calendar to support the work of a local human services organization. I have a special affinity for the Upper Valley Haven, which provides "temporary shelter, educational programming for adults and families experiencing homelessness, and food to those in need."


Please think about an action step you can take to identify with people in your area who feel stranded from the very things we often take for granted. By purchasing a calendar to benefit the Haven, you help someone 'fix their flat tire,' and that act of love assists them to get back on the road. Thank you!

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